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Established in 2008, we are a family, Gdańsk-based company, offering wide range of video services. We produce corporate videos, tutorials, 2D animations, interviews and event footage. Highly skilled editors will make sure Your video meets market's requirements. As an official YouTube partner, we offer complex channel service, delivering high quality videos. If You are also a videographer, have a look at our rental offer. Feel invited to use our Gdańsk-based studio.
Luminaris offers technical support for conferences, congreses and cultural or sport events. Live cameras, streaming online and multichannel vision is our thing. In our rental section You will find projectors, many kinds of screens, cameras and any other filming or technical equipment for event support.

Luminaris creates video content for new media. Complex video production is flexibly adapted to brand's budget. We guarantee dynamic and high standard videos, attracting your audience.


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Video production
Luminaris specialzes in corporate and promotional videos. We offer conference footage as long as congresses, open days and other events you hold. We produce festival and exhibition teasers. You can order both classic video content or 2D animation. Intreested in tutorials, explainer video or videocast? We are waiting for your call. Contact us t get a quotation and book equipment.
Video support
Planning an event? Call us to find a right solution for video. We offer multi cameras streaming and experienced technicians to make Your event stunning. We work at festivals, concerts, award galas, sport and cultural events.
Video equipment rental
Try our cameras, lighting and all kind of accesories such as slides and glides. We have both GoPro cameras along with professional broadcast devices.
Multimedia rental
Luminaris offers LED monitors and TVs for both small and big venues, screens, projectors, switches, fullHD mixers and other appliances necessaery to do both video and sound.
Video streaming
Video streaming service is dedicated to all events - congresses, festivals, meetings or trainings. Your stream can be either available for anyone to watch or be only sent to a specific group of recipients.
Production of films in slow motion technology
The production of videos in the slow motion technology is dedicated to customers who highly appreciate the aesthetics of the image or for various reasons care about registering the details of a given process. It is provided by the parameter of the speed of image recording in the camera (i.e. the number of frames per second).
4K videocasts production
Working on material recorded in 4K resolution allows for lossless manipulation of the image, when reducing it to Full HD size. Thanks to this, we can record a frame larger than we are actually interested in, in order to frame a given image in post-production. It also gives us incomparable possibilities of applying corrections similar to those used by photographers in Photoshop and improving the image with effects. The amount of details recorded by the camera is of great importance and it directly affects how much we can change the material in the post-production process.
4K music video and concert recordings
By increasing the amount of equipment on the set, we are able to shorten the shooting time to a minimum. Video sets of music videos are usually characterized by a great number of people that we have to register. Using less equipment, we are forced to repeat shots more than once to get the planned effect. For example, by placing 5 cameras on the set, we guarantee the recording of as many as 5 plans, which means that we cover practically every element of the scene.
4K news support
The news service relies on ongoing collaboration with the customer, who has our reporter at his disposal and uses his services as needed to record and publish a press officer release or any other information that is to be made available to the public. It is a response to the needs of companies in terms of communicating with the market. The growing awareness of the popularity of video content forces enterprises to use this form of communication, especially since it is eagerly published by the media, both on the Internet and on TV.
Production of live programs, on line
We can manage the video signal from many sources, e.g. from 6 cameras and two computers, freely combine it, create transitions and add descriptions (e.g. signatures of people appearing on the stage or additional information). We can create graphic elements on an ongoing basis in parallel with the course of the event and, if necessary, modify.
Training in public speaking
The service is complementary to live broadcasts and video recordings. It consists in the practical preparation of the presenter for public speaking, taking into account stress reduction, formulating effective communicators and the conscious use of non-verbal communication.
Video 360 for VR
360 ° video recording consists of recording the entire image that surrounds us. For example, recording a conference in the form of a 360 ° video gives the recipient of the video the ability to switch to any selected part of an image while watching. For example, instead of a scene, you can "move" the camera to the audience and watch their reaction during the lecture, if using VR glasses, it gives the impression of physical participation in the event.
Video 360 for real estate
The service enables "virtual walk" around the presented property. This can be compared to Google Street View or panoramic photos, but in this case the user can watch real-time video throughout the house.
Analysis of short-term processes
The service uses slow motion technology, registering even the smallest details of individual processes. It is aimed primarily at the production sector, because thanks to this technology it is possible to show customers exactly what the production process is about.
Remote service
The service is intended for companies that offer after-sales service and service devices or software. Thanks to the video connection, the specialist can have an insight into the current situation of the user and advise him, having full knowledge about the actual condition. Viewing the situation at the customer's premises ensures that the message will be well understood, thus eliminating the communication noise that may arise on the customer-seller line.


73% of B2B marketers  claims that
video has a positive impact on ROI
Carla Marshall


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87% of marketers say, video marketing
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Pomorskie Smart Specialisation Strategy. Our company decided by the decision of Pomorskie Smart Specialisation Council is attached to the ISP2 Partnership - Modern information and communication technologies. Smart Specialisation Strategy is a tool of the European Union which obliges the regions of the Member States to identify those areas in which they want to specialize and increase their competitiveness. A considerable share of EU funds will be allocated to the 2014-2020 financial perspective. More information about RIS.



Luminaris realizes project "Implementation of innovative way of providing services and extension of B2B communication offer in Luminaris company in Gdansk" under the Regional Operational Program of the Pomeranian Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020, Measure 2.2. Profiling investments, Sub-measures 2.2.1. Profiled investments

Project goals:
Main goal:
Increase in innovation by implementing a new service delivery process
Detailed goals:
Redefining the service production process by shortening the production of videos and using the amount of equipment on the set, by shortening the production of videos and using the equipment on the set,
Expanding markets understood as reaching new industries (virtual reality, specialized services, production, suppliers of Voice Alarm Systems (VAS), Public Address, Cloud computing, business intelligence, big data, electronic systems, etc.),
Expanding markets understood as internationalization - reaching foreign customers, regardless of the continent, thanks to the provision of services that do not require transport, using only electronic data transmission,
Reduction of energy consumption - as a result of use of innovative solutions, reduction of the amount of equipment required to process the orders,
Application of equipment enabling streaming of events on 90% of the territory of Poland.
Other detailed goals:
Increase in the quality of offered services,
Achieving a strategic advantage over direct and indirect competitors.
To become a leader in the local market understood as a trendsetter role in the market, to become the company that set the standards for quality video services,
Achieving the role of an expert, a specialist by offering specialized services,
Increase in sales revenues,
Increase in the company's value
Planned effects:
Implementation of innovative service provision processes, introduction of new and modernization of the previously offered services in the company's portfolio.
Project value: 105 760,00 zł.
Contribution of European Funds: 50 764,80 zł.